These option studies were carried out to explore the potential of adding a Library onto the same site as Jacksons Lane: 

The options range from finding the best-fit solution for the Library - with significant negative impact on Jacksons Lane through to finding the best-fit solution for Jacksons Lane, incorporating the Library with minimum impact, but with sub-standard Library spaces. Both these extremes are explored in options 1&2 and are deemed ‘not feasible’ because of the imbalanced impact on either Jacksons Lane or the Library. Options 3 and 4 look at a more balanced approach that work well for both the Library and Jacksons Lane. Both assume sharing lift and stairs as a minimum, but could share WCs and entrance facilities, whilst also being possible to access independently from each other. All options involve the need to create some additional space to compensate for the loss of space to Jacksons Lane by incorporating the Library. The site is very tight. The only available area for additional building footprint is along the street frontage in the location of the ramp. All of the options involve the addition of a street level cafe. This gives a visible street presence to the building and level access to the cafe, box office and information desk, with lift access up to the rest of the building. The library could be accessed through this entrance or independently either to the rear of the building - up Jacksons Lane as shown in options 1, 3 & 4 or via an entrance further along Archway Road, through what is currently the theatre’s 'stage door’, shown in option 2. The option study should be viewed as a series of first sketches to generate discussion.

Existing Plans

Proposal submitted to the Arts Council (without library)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4